Eats, Shoots and Leaves

The life of a wandering photographer

The Journey


They’re not in a rush,
Let’s call it a rut.
The shackles that hold them
are of their own making.
That journey they’re taking
with blinders on
Will leave them frustrated
Will leave them forlorn.
So be one of few
and enjoy the view
So the journey of ageing won’t leave you jaded.
Live. Don’t exist.

I wrote this in the comments section as a reply to a poem written by Janaee Adams, which I stumbled upon while browsing through recent blog entries. Her enthusiasm for life not ending up as a thirty-something with a long list of “I wish I had done xxx while I had the time…” just moved me.

“When I’m older i’d like to look back and smile think to Myself.

I did everything i said i would.

I left no stone unturned no road untraveled no height unreached.

these days it feels like your racing the clock

and I’m not sure why everyone seems to be in such a rush.”

Here’s a link to her post:


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